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I learned to play blackjack from my mom. I was probably ten or eleven years old, and the way we played, no betting was involved. As you might imagine, without the betting aspect, blackjack becomes pretty boring pretty fast.

The Other Hank Quinlan

The Other Hank Quinlan

After I graduated from college and entered the work force, I met a corporate attorney who was a card counter. He gave me some book recommendations–the main one was Lance Humble and Kenneth Cooper’s The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book. Like a lot of gambling books, the writing was old-fashioned and cheesy in spots, but it opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the game.

I didn’t learn to count cards right away, but I did learn. I’m not a professional card counter or pro blackjack player. I play for fun from time to time, and if I do well enough to break even and get a few comps, I’m happy. I am good enough at counting cards that I had a dealer start shuffling up on me every hand, though.

I’ve ghost-written content for at least half a dozen websites about blackjack, but writing for DownloadBlackjack.com is my new full-time gig. I hope to provide a unique perspective on various elements of the game here.

Hank Quinlan is a pen-name. I prefer to stay more-or-less anonymous.

Enjoy the site content, and feel free to leave a comment or two. I welcome intelligent and well-thought-out discussion.