Blackjack Websites

Here’s a list of Web pages and websites about blackjack and related subjects that are worth visiting. These blackjack information sites are chosen based on merit rather than in exchange for any kind of consideration or compensation from the other sites. Some of these sites focus on card games in general or other gambling subjects, but if I thought they’d be interesting to readers of this site, I included them.

Blackjack Websites

Blackjack Websites

52 Pickup – A straightforward, advertising-light site about card games in general. The site doesn’t cover blackjack specifically–it covers card games of various kinds.

Beat the Fish – I often recommend that people who are thinking about playing blackjack for a living should learn how to play poker instead. Poker is less stressful, and casinos like winning poker players. (They hate winning blackjack players.) At any rate, if you want tips about how to become a winning poker player, Beat the Fish is the site to visit. – A membership site that will teach you how to count cards in blackjack. The site includes video classes and drills you can practice with online. Highly recommended. – Ken Smith’s excellent blackjack and card counting information site. He includes a basic strategy generator, where you can input the rules and options for the game you’re playing, and you get back a correct basic strategy chart for it. – He has a blackjack section, but the site is the most comprehensive site about card games of all kinds on the Internet.

Slot Machine Makers – Another site I operate–this one features articles and descriptions of slot machine games, organized by which company manufactures which games.

Sports Betting Sites – I’ve met few blackjack players who weren’t also interested in betting on sports. If you’re looking for honest, home-grown, down-to-earth, and opinionated discussion for online sports betting websites, you’ll find it here. Jim Griffin operates this site, and he’s forgotten more about how to make money placing bets on sports than most people will ever learn.

Two Plus Two – They’re a publisher of gambling strategy books, mostly focused on poker, but the real value on their site is the extensive discussion of gambling odds and probabilities in their forums. Most of the discussion there is focused on poker, but be sure to take a look at their information about sports betting and other subjects. They’re smart people, but some of them are cranky. They don’t suffer fools lightly on Two Plus Two.

Wizard of Odds – Michael Shackleford’s site looks at the math of every kind of casino game you can think of, in detail. The site refreshingly light on advertising, too.