A Review of the Best and Worst Online Blackjack Games

With so many online casinos and sports books to choose from, deciding where to play your favourite game is not always an easy decision. The bonuses, the game variants and the customer service all need to be taken into consideration, as do the restrictions that certain casinos place on players from locations such as the United States. Below is a list — in order from best to worst — of online blackjack games. The list takes into account everything from location and customer service, to the game itself.

1. William Hill

William Hill are a huge and well known sports book and online casino in the United Kingdom and across Europe. They have stacks of games on their website and have a section devoted to blackjack. Their flagship blackjack game is by far the best of any of the games on this list. It pits the player against the dealer and allows them to play up to 5 hands at once, with a minimum bet of £1, or around $2, and a maximum bet that goes into the thousands.

William Hill blackjack offers insurance, splits and doubles, and the software is slick and quick, with few issues. Their customer support is also very good if you should ever need them.

2. Skybet

Another European casino is Skybet, which is run by BSKYB, one of the richest corporations in the world and the owner of several media operations. Skybet is different to many of the other online casinos in that it uses its own software for much of its games, including bingo, poker and blackjack. The poker here draws a lot of players, and so does the blackjack. There are a number of variants to play, and there are even some slot machines games based around blackjack. This is a great place to gamble all round, and is up there with the best of them when it comes to blackjack.

3. Paddy Power

Another European bookmaker, Paddy Power puts an edgy spin on public relations and advertising, making them a very amusing and interesting company. When it comes to betting they struggle to be beaten. They have a long list of games — including many exclusive ones — and have several varieties of blackjack available. They also have many bonus options for new customers.

4. Jackpot Grand

Jackpot Grand is open to customers based in the United States, and indeed much of the rest of the world with a few exceptions in the Middle East. This is the highlight casino on this list for US based players. The bonuses is not as big as the Golden Cherry Casino which occupies the next spot on our list, but the blackjack game itself is better. There are also hundreds of slot machine games and scores of other table games to keep you interested.

5. Golden Cherry

This casino is open to all players, including those based in the US. It is not as slick as William Hill, or as fun as Paddy Power, but the limits are good and there is a bonus that can go as high as $3.000 for first time customers. Blackjack is the highlight game here and although there are few variants, there are other table games available if you tire.

6. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes, like William Hill, is an established brand, but unlike William Hill, it’s not a very good one. The casino software is almost unbearably slow and makes the blackjack game tedious to play. Everything else is okay, and the customer support is fantastic, but the speed issues are a big flaw and therefore Ladbrokes should be avoided.

7. 888

888 has been one of the biggest names in online casinos, poker and blackjack for a number of years. They also have an impressively generous affiliate program, which is why their name has been associated with so much spam over the years. In fact, not many people have played there, but there’s a good chance that everyone has been hit with some 888 spam from one of their affiliates at one point in their internet lives. The 888 software is simple and has its upsides, but they are few and far between. The promotions are good and they always seem to have something on for new players, but that’s where the good stuff ends unfortunately.

One of the main issues with 888 is the fact that they don’t cater for Mac users or other operating systems. Their program does run on these operating systems, but not very well, and complaints and suggestions fall on deaf ears. And that brings us to the next big issue: 888 has terrible customer service. For a website that processes such huge takings, and makes so much money, you’d expect a little more respect, but it is in short supply.

8. Betfair

Betfair are the biggest betting exchange in the world, and are the prime destination for people all over the world looking to bet on everything and anything. They also have poker, casinos and other games available, and one of the best of these is blackjack. Betfair blackjack isn’t as slick as William Hill, and the options are also limited, but it is still a worthwhile game. The downfall, however, comes with Betfair’s customer support. As an exchange they make no money from the bets themselves, and this seems to have given them a very laid-back attitude towards their customers. Where a traditional bookmark might offer a free bet to an aggrieved customer, Betfair are unwilling (and perhaps unable) to do so. They are also very rude and have been known to be incredibly incompetent, so it is best to avoid these.