The Best Places to Play Blackjack in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is one the biggest and best gambling destination in the United States. This casino-rich resort city is a paradise for those who like to bet and it is a haven for those in the north, too far away from the gambling meccas of Las Vegas and Florida.

Blackjack is king at many of these casinos and is one of the biggest games in town. Regardless of which casino you go to you can find a blackjack table to sit down at, but with so many available it’s not always obvious which one you should choose.


The Borgata is the highest grossing casino in Atlantic City. It opened in 2003 and has since taken the dominant share of the gambling market in the state, attracting hosts of blackjack and poker players from miles around, not to mention those who come for the slots or the assortment of other games, and those who simply prefer the luxury of a nice hotel and spa. The blackjack tables in the Borgata offer a little more luxury than most places, and are the perfect place for a hot blooded heterosexual male to spend an evening. This is due to the fact the serving staff all tend to be young and beautiful women, there for the eye candy and maybe to distract you and trick you into losing more money. As the Borgata is also rated as one of the best hotels in the state, then its also the ideal place to spend a night and a morning.

The Borgata uses 6 deck shoes and there are 6 seats per table, typically one less than many other top casinos. There are stacks of blackjack tables to choose from and the casino is generally full or close to full for most of the day, regardless of the time of year.

Bally’s Wild Wild West Casino has a history of soft dealers, ones who stand on 16 or 17. There are reports that this is changing, no doubt due to the many players keen to take advantage of it, but if you can get in quick then you might be able to make it in time. As it’s in the centre of the city, and is a nice establishment all round, this is also a generally fine place to play some blackjack, even if the dealers stop throwing the casino’s money away.

Caesar’s is known to use single decks, which is ideal for those who fancy testing their luck and they mathematics with some card counting. The minimum bet here is $15, but this increases to $25 during peak hours.

At Harrah’s players can test their mettle with the Double Attack Blackjack game, which offers some tweaked rules and betting structures. There are doubles, splits and surrenders available on this game, and a number of bonus bets can also be picked up.

There is also a 20 bonus in a few of the casinos. This is a bonus that is paid out when the player makes 20 on both of their starting cards. The bonus is typically 3-1 on the bet, but this can go up to 9-1 is the cards are the same suit and as high as 125-1 if the cards are an exact match. This bonus is given out at the Wild Wild West, Harrah’s and Bally’s, and can certainly make a night of blackjack a very rewarding experience.