The Best Blackjack Software

In the modern age it comes as no surprise that people use technology to assist them in the game of blackjack, and that doesn’t just apply to the card counting programs that some ill-advised people try to sneak into the casinos. There are also plenty of blackjack programs out there that can be used to teach you the game, to help you improve your skills or simply to analyse the odds.

Such software has been around for many years, in fact almost as long as the computer has. Edward O Thorp and others were the first proponents of it, and Thorpe used computers to run the programs that formed the basis of his Beat the Dealer book, a book that spawned the card counting revolution. Computers and other devices are a little harder to sneak into casinos these days and the penalties are high, but many have used them throughout the last few decades to give them an extra edge.

These programs, however, are best used at home and can help you to better your game before you hit the casinos. There are many out there but these are the best ones that we have found:

Casino Verite

Casino Verite is the pinnacle of blackjack software, with everything you could need. This software is used as a practice tool and is perfect for improving your strategy and your card counting skills. Card counting requires practice just like everything else, and it’s not always easy to practice in the casinos themselves, so programs like this can be vital to perfecting your card counting skills and making sure that you count quickly.

There are tests and drills to check your progress. This program is basically your card counting tutor, a virtual blackjack pro who knows it all when it comes to card counting and strategy and will impart some of that knowledge onto you.

What’s more, Casino Verite can be updated regularly and there are a great number of add-ons available for it. These add-ons can be used on mobile devices and other operating systems and add extra dimensions to the software, such as additional blackjack variants. To download the add-ons go to the Casino Verite website.

This program is not free and will set you back close to $100, but it is worth every penny and you’re sure to make that money back in no time as soon as you hit the tables.

MGP’S Blackjack Analyzer

If you don’t have the $100 or so to spare, then check out this program. It is nowhere near as comprehensive as Casino Verite and it also won’t teach you card counting or test you on your skills, what it will do though is allow you to analyse your play and the game itself, and it works with any variant. So, if you want to know what the house edge is for any blackjack game that you come across, and you want to figure out if it’s worth playing and how it can be beaten when you do play it, then MGP’S Blackjack Analyzer can help you.

This freeware program only runs on then Windows operating system and is a very small download. If you’re on a tight budget, or even if you just want to expand your software library and your knowledge of the game, then it’s perfect.

Blackjack Gold

Everyone can simulate the basics of casino play at home, all you need is a few decks of cards, some chips and a willing dealer, but there are so many more differences to playing on a casino table as opposed to playing on your dining table or breakfast table. Blackjack Gold can help you to simulate all of that, allowing you to replicate almost any casino out there.

This program comes with a variety of tables, games, decks and more. Just select your country and create your casino. You can tweak everything and make the setup look exactly like your favourite casino.

Blackjack Gold is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is perfect for everyone looking for a comprehensive blackjack game on their computer, and for those who want to practice their strategy and prepare for real casino play.

Statistical Blackjack Analyzer

This is another blackjack analysing program that can be downloaded from the SBA21 website. This feature-packed program has been around for a number of years and is on its 5th edition. The software itself is not free, but it is probably the best analysing program around and there is also a free demo that you can download to try before you buy.

The Statistical Blackjack Analyzer allows players to run analyses of any number of hands and games, across all variants of the game of blackjack. Just program in a simulation, set the length and the type and then run an analysis. The program also comes with an extensive documentation to help you understand and optimise it.