The Lowdown of Casino Blackjack Etiquette

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or are thinking about hitting the blackjack tables for the first time, there are some basic etiquette rules that need to be taken into consideration. These rules apply for any casino (although they are redundant during online play) and help to make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved. If you follow these rules then you can also guarantee that you will get the respect that you deserve when you are at the tables.

You want to make sure that you are kind, courteous and friendly when you’re there. No player wants to sit next to someone who is rude and obnoxious, no dealer wants to deal to them and no casino wants them annoying their customers. The standard rules of interaction apply, but there are also some blackjack etiquette rules that should also be considered. Remember that you’re in a adult and professional environment surrounded by people who are risking a lot of money, this is not like the games you played at home on your laptop whilst you wore nothing but your underpants and listened to daytime TV as a backing track. There are other people around and there are unspoken rules to follow.

Some players like to give a running commentary on every hand and to shout and scream when they win and lose. It is understandable to get excited and even angry, but this is not acceptable in a casino. If you want to talk to your fellow players, or even chat with the dealer on occasion, then you may do so. But the dealer is not there to listen to your abuse and he or she is certainly not there to watch you get drunk and then listen to you flirt. Remember, if they are not leaving and/or slapping you then it’s not a sign that they like you and want you to continue flirting with them, it’s a sign that they’re doing their job and have no other choice.

If a player is just as chatty and as open, then you’re okay to talk freely. But if they are reserved and do no speak much, then do not try to force a conversation upon them. It should also be remembered that although the other players can effect the dealer’s choice when it comes to drawing their hand, they are not your enemies. You’re all in the same boat together.

The dealer should also not be blamed. They are there to beat you, but you can be assured that they do not get any extra money for doing so. They are only doing their job and are probably making considerably less than you are spending over the course of a night or an hour, so be courteous, don’t rub their faces in it if you win and certainly don’t give them abuse if you lose. You should also tip the dealer on occasion during extended play, maybe tossing them a chip or two if you win big as well.

As soon as you sit down at any blackjack table, if not before, you should make sure you know the rules. If you are new to blackjack then it is advised that you learn the basics first, no one wants to teach you the game, they have their own hands to concentrate on. If you know how to play then remember that every casino is different, so make sure you know what bonus bets they allow before you get ready for an extended session. There are few things more annoying in casino blackjack than a player who constantly asks questions about surrenders, double-downs, splits and re-splits; these are acceptable to ask about once, but take the answer on board and don’t ask again.