Erica Schoenberg, Defying the Blackjack Stereotype

When people think of blackjack players they think of one of a few things. They either think of cigar chomping, Stetson wearing cowboys who talk in idioms; middle-aged men who have scoffed one two many cheeseburgers in their lifetimes; or young hopefuls who are a bit wet around the edges. Whatever they think, the stereotype is usually a man, and usually not a very aesthetically pleasing one.

Erica Schoenberg destroys that stereotype. She’s young, female, confident and very attractive. She doesn’t just look like a model, but she is one, and she also works as a personal trainer and a volleyball player. Erica’s main occupations though are playing blackjack and poker, two games that she has down to a tee.

Known as the Blackjack Babe, Erica was taught the game by one of the infamous MIT Team, the group of gamblers and mathematical geniuses who broke the bank a few decades ago when they counted cards at some of the biggest casinos in the world. Not only did they teach her the game and some blackjack strategy, but they also told her how to count cards.

Erica used her newfound blackjack skills to play in and win a umber of blackjack tournaments, the first of which netted her a cool $2.000. Thanks to her natural sex appeal and her skills at the table, Erica made it onto the Ultimate BlackjackTour, which was a televised blackjack tournament on CBS. She finished second in the first of these tours, which won her further acclaim and helped to get her into the World Series of Blackjack, which she played in for two consecutive years.

After her success in blackjack Erica moved onto poker, and early on in her career she placed in the money during a World Poker Tour event, winning nearly $120.000. Erica devoted much of her time to poker after her immediately successful introduction and in the following year she won the Mandalay Bay Poker competition before finishing third during a Hold’em event at the World Series of Poker.

Since her first foray into poker several years ago, Erica has cashed in 14 events at the World Series of Poker and 6 on the World Poker Tour, and she looks set to improve on both of these numbers as she continues to buy-in to the biggest and best poker tournaments world wide.

Erica is married to Erick Lindgren, a professional poker player who she has joined on many a poker table, and she spends her days swapping between the games that she loves the most, blackjack and poker. She is a regular at casinos in Las Vegas, where she lives with her husband.