Major upgrade & New Blackjack Games for Ezugi Live Dealer Casino Software

Casino gambling has evolved monumentally over the years, from standard, physical gaming to electronic blackjack tables, and eventually from online casinos to internet-based live dealer games. It’s almost as if we traded live gambling for the convenience of the internet, only to find we prefer the traditional, live setting… but without losing the ease of playing from home or on the go. Yes, in today’s modern age, we want it all, and that’s what live dealer casino software developers are striving to provide.

Ezugi is an innovative live dealer casino systems developer that launched in early 2013. After signing a partnership deal with Games Marketing to distribute its portfolio of games, the company began to focus on modernization of its existing platform. Last week, Ezugi announced the latest upgrade to the live dealer blackjack software, which includes an overhaul of the casino lobby, a new genre of Hybrid Blackjack variations and the integration of Game Marketing’s side bets, Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

The concept behind the implementation of Hybrid Blackjack and optional side bets was to increase revenue generation for the brand’s clients. Both were designed to give blackjack players access to a wider range of betting choices.

Ezugi’s programmers collaborated with the team at Uplay1™ to design the new Hybrid Blackjack technology. The idea was to increase the number of players that can compete at the live dealer blackjack tables, without increasing the actual number of tables or dealer’s employed by the studio where the games take place; in essence, maximize production without increasing overhead.

Hybrid Blackjack on Ezugi live dealer casino platform

Hybrid Blackjack allows an unlimited number of players to partake in the action at a single table, while allow them to wager less than the standard bet minimum of the table. According to the game’s description on the Ezugi website, Hybrid Blackjack is a patented technology that should “appeal to a new breed of players looking to play Blackjack at lower than a table’s minimum bet limit.” Unlimited seating is provided by “synchronizing a dealer’s shoe with a virtual shoe, allowing any number of players to participate in a live Blackjack game.”

The addition of side bets is another key element designed to amplifying returns for live dealer casinos that employ the Ezugi branded technology.

Perfect Pairs is perhaps the most well-known of all blackjack side bets, available at live and online casinos around the globe. The core game is the same, but the side bet adds a new element that pays off in various amounts depending on the first two cards dealt to the player. Any pair pays 6:1, a pair of the same color pays 12:1, and a perfect pair of the same suit pays 25:1.

21+3 is a more recent fad among blackjack variations. Its name was derived as an amalgamation of blackjack (21) and Three Card Poker (3). In 21+3, the base game remains unchanged, but the player can make a side bet reliant upon the first two cards dealt to them, as well as the dealer’s face-up card. If those three cards combined result in a 3 of a kind, straight, flush or straight-flush, the player wins a payout of 9:1.