Futuristic Blackjack Is Here

For lovers of the classic game of Blackjack the Internet has been a boon. Over the past two decades, since it gained official recognition and numerous safeguards, online casino gaming has become one of the most advanced forms of computer games in the world. The big sites have millions of members and employ sophisticated software with bombproof security. — What many people don’t know is that there is a whole spectrum of games outside the online casinos — like using Facebook, mobile apps. or sites with free games.


New Era for Gamers


Basically, it is a great time for gaming in general (being one of the most profitable and popular forms of modern entertainment) — but especially for those who like real-cash or gambling-like games. The reasons are many, however, the main ones are the high quality from game makers and the regulatory frameworks in countries where real-cash games are legal. The UK is perhaps the world’s best example of a well regulated online casino industry.


Let’s take the relatively quick rise to popularity of a game studio in Sweden called Internet Entertainment, or by its nickname NetEnt. You get the feeling very soon when playing a NetEnt slot that its 3D animation may be coming from the same caliber of talent as Hollywood or Pixar movies. In this case a name says it all, since such a slot has more entertainment value than 3 or 5 reels — rich side games and bonus rounds are like extra games, and NetEnt slots feature amusing opening animated sequences.


In the table games realm, there have been advancements to not only game logic (including the RNG, or random number generator) but also to the games’ interfaces, the graphics and their overall performance. It is now possible to play multiplayer live-dealer games from a mobile phone. Tablet-optimized games (of any kind really) have been considered by the gaming community to be perhaps the world’s most powerful portable devices yet, or otherwise.


The first casino and blackjack game makers on the scene were Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech. These companies’ own titles continue to have a massive foothold among casinos. And, very confidently, they have introduced flexible systems that allow their licensed casinos to choose to include other brands of games.

In this way, you can play a NetEnt blackjack game inside the same casino online that delivers Microgaming blackjack and other brands you might not have tried yet. Under all of the conditions we have mentioned, you can see that this is a superb time to try the great game of Blackjack online or on a mobile device.