Rumor Mill says GTA5 Casino DLC coming as soon as April 2015

Last summer, players of the widely popular video game, Grand Theft Auto Five (GTA5) discovered a glitch in the game that sprung forth rumors of a GTA5 Casino DLC in the future. Since dubbed the ‘High Roller update’, those speculations have escalated recently as Twitter is blowing up with comments relating to additional evidence in the source code of the most recent update.

According to tweets by one avid gamer, @Funmw4, the GTA5 Casino DLC could be here as early as April 14, 2015, and could include everything from blackjack, roulette and slots, to poker, lottery and car betting.

Speculations of a GTA5 Casino DCL first began in the summer of 2014 when players found that a glitch in the game allowed them to enter a supposedly inaccessible casino building. Within that building was what looked incredibly similar to a casino gaming floor, minus the actual games, of course. Although there are no doors, a banner across the outside of the building said “coming soon”.

On top of that, tech-savvy players with a bit too much time on their hands discovered something mysterious in the game’s source code. They said it appeared as if the code had already been inserted to incorporate a GTA5 Casino, and that the only thing left to activate that code would be the uploading of a DLC (downloadable content).

When the latest 1.21 update was released just recently, those bored gaming geeks got back to work scouring the source code, and they say there is a clear indication that the GTA5 Casino DLC is soon to come. Four new mini-games are expected to release, delivering gamers the opportunity to play blackjack, roulette, slot machines and poker.

It was also suggested that a virtual Los Santos Lottery will be incorporated, as well as a new car betting system in the High Roller update.

Like most updates, the GTA5 Casino DLC could easily come with a new strain of relative missions and challenges to pique the interest of gamers who completed the original release long ago. Adding the ability to gamble in a GTA5 Casino could also generate millions of dollars for gamers, altering the dynamics of the game entirely. And surely those same tech-savvy geeks who love to spend hours viewing miles of source code will find more glitches to exploit the financial side of the game.

Since the original release of Grand Theft Auto Five, Rockstar Games has been very consistent with its updates, releasing a new version every month. Persistent delays with the release of the new GTA5 Heists put a temporary end to that. Now that the Heists missions have been integrated, it’s assumed that Rockstar will get back on track with its former monthly update status. If that’s the case, gamers now believe that access to the GTS5 Casino DLC could become a reality as soon as the next expected update on April 14, 2015.