The Blackjack Hall of Fame

Most sports and game have their Hall of Fames, a list of all the best players that have graced the fields (or in this case the tables) over the years, and the game of blackjack is no different.

The Blackjack Hall of Fame began in 2002 when 21 player were nominated and 7 were chosen, and after that first year a committee continued to meet and discuss the cream of the crop in the blackjack world. Just two new players are inducted every year and this, coupled with the fact that it has only been going for just over a decade, makes it one of the most exclusive hall of fames of any game.

Members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame include Al Francesco, Keith Taft, Julian Braun, Johnny Chang, Peter Griffin, Roger Baldwin, Stanford Wong, Ken Uston and James Grosjean, and players young and old, dead and alive are considered for entry. As long as players have done something noteworthy in the game, and have earned respect because of their solid strategy and their ability to turn blackjack into a profitable profession, then they are a “shoe” in. Pun definitely intended.