Live Dealer Blackjack players can now ‘Bet Behind’ at Evolution online casinos

Internet gaming software developer Evolution Gaming has always been renowned for its graphical superiority and innovative business model. Considered by many to offer the most aesthetically appealing and customizable live dealer blackjack software in the online casino industry, the company released issued a new update last week. Live blackjack fans will never have to wait idly for a seat to open as they now have the option to Bet Behind other active players at the table.

The bet behind concept isn’t a new one, per say. The largest land-based casinos around the world have featured the supplementary betting option for some time now. Even the online casino realm was previously introduced to the concept when Microgaming integrated the wager on its prominent software client. For serious blackjack fans, though, Evolution Gaming gains an edge by being the preferred platform of liver dealer enthusiasts.

Bet behind is an additional wager that can be made by any player at the table. It allows all participants to bet on the hand of any active player. When someone goes on a hot streak, other players can use the bet behind feature to place a wager on whether the heated hand holder will win or lose.

Bet behind isn’t just for seated players, though. The beauty of the new wager is that, even if all 7 seats are filled, everyone else that’s waiting to take a seat can bet behind players who are being dealt cards. This new feature should be especially popular during peak hours, when players often become board of waiting for a seat to open.

In a statement introducing the software’s latest enhancement, the Managing Director of Evolution Gaming’s UK office, Helen Hedgelan, said, “Bet Behind multiplies the excitement for players and, thanks to multi-player betting, adds up to a great deal more revenue potential for licensees.”

From now on, when a player chooses to play live dealer blackjack at any Evolution Gaming powered online casino, if the table they choose is full, they will be greeted with a new message. “All seats are currently occupied, but you can always bet behind any active player.” No message will appear if there are seats open, but players can click the freshly integrated ‘Bet Behind’ section of each hand’s betting circle to place a wager on another active player.

Evolution Gaming is hoping to boost the amount of players at the live dealer blackjack tables, as well as its number of licensees. Hedgelan said that the vastly broadened range of betting for customers is important to online casino operators because the wagering potential is virtually unlimited. “A waiting player can bet behind all seven players in the main seats if they choose, and a seated player can bet behind any or all other seated players. So, at peak times, there could potentially be hundreds of players ‘betting behind’ any one seat at the table.”

The bet behind feature has been installed across all of Evolution Gaming’s live dealer blackjack tables. For the time being, it will only be accessible to desktop users of the online casino platform. The company intends to augment their mobile applications for smartphones and tablets with bet behind capability sometime in the future.