Review of Skrill Casinos For Money

Moneybookers began life in London in 2001 and the following year launched Skrill that allowed users to email money with complete confidence to pay for auctions, goods, debts owed to friends and, where accepted, online casinos. The service is free to sign up for an account and free to receive money and was designed to be as borderless as the Internet in which it lives.

The Skrill digital wallet requires no personal data to send and receive international money transfers. Users will discover over 100 local payment options in over 200 countries handled through a single integration. Skrill allows the account holder to select the method of payment: credit, debit or bank payment. More than 150,000 merchants use the British-based Skrill payment service, including many of the top online casinos and all of the european-based operators.

Skrill boasts some 36 million customers who make payments with such global entities as eBay, Facebook, Skype and Thomas Cook. Skrill does business in more than one dozen languages and over 40 currencies. One of those currencies is the United States dollar but while customers inside American borders can open a Skrill account they are not permitted to use the service for gambling concerns and will not be allowed to withdraw casino winnings via Skrill.

What Are the Advantages to Using Skrill in Online Casinos?

With an electronic wallet service like Skrill gambling money is as close at hand as a bankroll in your pocket at the craps table. A Skrill account insures that money is on hand instantly as needed, up to the amount the account is funded. The transaction remains anonymous and the casino never receives any private financial details. The only fees incurred are those that may be imposed by the casino.

With Moneybooker’s market penetration in Europe Skrill is a wise choice for the European punter. Besides easy and free deposits Skrill withdrawals are also instantaneous. In fact, if a Skrill casino states that there is a waiting period to cash out using Skrill that should raise a red flag about the operation’s trustworthiness.

Skrill is such a powerful player in the European market that it is possible to uncover bonuses for regular customers that take advantage of Skrill money transfers. Look around.

How Do You Open a Skrill Account?

Skrill accounts all emanate from the website where opening an account is free and requires only basic information such as name and address. The account is funded by any number of methods – credit cards, wire transfer, debit cards; any way money moves around in the digital age. Skrill provides an exhaustive summary of funding sources depending on the country of origin for the account.

Once the account is funded money is available to flow back and forth between Skrill and the online casino universe. Skrill also offers a Prepaid MasterCard that can pull funds from two million automatic teller machines and is accepted at any online casino that honors MasterCard but make not be linked to Skrill.

How Safe Is My Money with Skrill?

As a third part processor there are no bank account numbers floating around the Internet when using Skrill for online gaming. Skrill payments are encrypted to prevent access to your Skrill bankroll and should anything go awry customers enjoy the assurances of the United Kingdom Electronic Money Regulations 2011 and the Financial Conduct Authority under which Skrill is licensed.