Study shows Blackjack strategy improves with healthy diet

There are several long-standing blackjack strategies that have been proven to decrease the house edge and give players a higher rate of wins. Memorizing a proper blackjack strategy card helps players know exactly how to act in any given situation. Card counting is great for those with a strong memory and the ability to do it inconspicuously. These are all great tools for blackjack enthusiasts, but according to a new study, simply eating a healthy diet can be crucial to your profit potential.

Healthy eating habits alone won’t increase your chances of winning or landing a natural blackjack on the felt, but they have been proven to increase brain function. If you intend to count the cards in a Las Vegas casino, or base your decisions on the total of your hand versus the dealer’s up card, you need to be alert and your memory needs to be as sharp as possible. With that said, here are a few tips to consuming healthy foods that can boost the effectiveness of your existing blackjack strategy.

Omega-3 Acids
Studies have shown for years that foods that are high in Omega-3 acids have a phenomenal effect on brain function, but more recently, it was discovered that fish like herring, salmon and sardines significantly improve short-term memory. While at the blackjack table, your ability to keep an accurate count of the cards dealt over the last 15 minutes or so will benefit you greatly.

The most significant benefit of Vitamin-K in your diet is that it lowers the blood pressure. Studies have shown that avocados, in particular, are a great addition to any diet in the reduction of stress. Staying calm and collected under pressure will make it much easier to sustain a proper blackjack strategy. If you’re quick to anger and lose a few hands in a row, frustration can cause you to make some very bad decisions, altering from a good blackjack strategy and chasing losses.

Note: Individuals with a low blood pressure should NOT increase their Vitamin-K intake. Be sure to consult a doctor before making any alterations to you diet.

There’s a great debate among the medical field as to the positive and negative effects of caffeine on the human body. Many studies have revealed that a moderate level of caffeine is good for brain function and alertness without producing any negative effects. Some even say caffeine consumption makes you healthier. However, high caffeine intake is strongly discouraged for blackjack players since it increases blood pressure and can cause one to become easily irritated.

When to Eat / Drink
Surprisingly, playing blackjack on a full stomach is not a good idea, much like drinking alcohol. Alcohol can cloud judgment and cause bad decisions. If you’re thirsty, try a tall glass of water. Hydration and brain function go hand in hand. The same goes for eating. According to a new study by the Utrecht University in The Netherlands, gamblers make better decisions in blackjack when hungry. Grocery shopping might not be the best idea on an empty stomach, but when playing blackjack and gambling in general, the study showed that the impulsivity linked to being hungry can actually be a good thing.

If you do find yourself hungry at the tables, it is recommended to eat nuts. These healthy finger foods are high in Vitamin-E, which has been proven to help with reasoning, decision making, short-term memory and overall brain function.