Are Blackjack Random Number Generators Fair?

All online blackjack games, and most other forms of online casino gambling for that matter, are decided by random number generators, also known simply as RNGs. But what exactly are RNGs and just how fair are they?

What is a Random Number Generator?

Simply put, an RNG is an algorithm that is stored inside all casino games, including blackjack, and is triggered when a card is dealt or a slot machine is spun. This is how the game decides whether to give you an ace or a 2, and whether to give you the progressive jackpot or nothing at all.

Although this is not an exact explanation, one way to think of an RNG is to imagine it like a series of numbers, all continually changing. Each selection of numbers in that string, defines which card you will get, and every time a deal is made, the RNG stops on a different series of numbers. They are not as complicated in games of blackjack as they are in slot machines, because when you throw many different bonus rounds, features and different outcomes into the mix, it gets a little more complicated. However, they are just as fair.

These RNGs are 100% random. They provide no pattern that can be deciphered by a human and they can not be manipulated by a player. Many of them are also audited, so whilst they can be manipulated by the casino and the developers, the auditors ensure that that does not happen.

Can they be Beaten?

Not really. The strings of numbers are generated in the billions. Technically, if you play several billion hands of online blackjack in one sitting, then you might be able to exhaust the randomness, and if you have been tracking the time and the location of each of those hands and what they delivered, then you might be able to predict what will come next. But, to do something this complicated, not only would you need an advanced computer to keep track of everything, but you would need to play an impossible amount of hands in an impossibly short time.

Can RNGs be Manipulated by the Casino?

As we said above, this is very possible. Casinos that are audited will not do it, simply because they will be found out and they could lose their business as a result. However, casinos that are not officially licensed and audited, will not care. These casinos put you at risk and you can never guarantee that by playing on them, you are being treated fairly.

That is why it is very important to study a potential casino in full. Never take things for granted, always do your research and always check to make sure that a casino says it is licensed, and that you can see that license for yourself. This is why we stress the importance of joining particular casinos, and why we have pin-pointed the best and the fairest casinos here on this site.