Rare and Priceless Playing Cards

Looking for something to make your home game of blackjack memorable? A good deck of cards can help. There are literally thousands of decks to choose from, from stainless steel cards and sterling silver cards, to glow in the dark cards and much more. Many poker players, blackjack players and magicians actually collect playing cards, seeking out the rarest decks and most limited of limited editions. As is the case with all gamblers who play on a regular basis, we also have somewhat of a fetish for playing cards and recently found some of the rarest and most valuable decks ever produced.

Classic Jerry’s Nugget Cards

Jerry’s Nugget was a Las Vegas Casino that thrived during the 1960s. In the 1970s, they printed a special edition of the deck that had been used throughout the casino, and they sold a limited print of them in the gift shop. These cards are now some of the rarest cards you can find, with many selling individually. In fact, based on the highest priced paid for 12 of these cards, a full deck of them should be able to fetch around $6,500. Not bad considering they cost just $0.50 to buy from the casino’s gift shop.

Ellusionist Gold Arcane Deck

There were just 5,000 of these decks printed and there was also a small number of uncut sheets, which are worth even more. These cards are beautiful, with a black and gold theme throughout. If you’re lucky enough to own a deck, you could be sitting on a gold mine, although as they only increase in value with age, you might as well hold onto them.

Wynn Limited Editions

There are several versions of these cards, which were created for the Wynn Hotel & Casino in Vegas, and have had a limited number of prints. The brown version is probably the least attractive, yet this is the one considered to be the rarest, and therefore worth the most amount of money. The cards themselves aren’t very pretty, with a somewhat simple design on the back and large-printed details on the face. From the point of view of value though, you will struggle to find anything better.

Bicycle Garden

You can’t have an article about decks of playing cards without mentioning Bicycle at least once. These guys are the leading manufacturer of playing cards in the world and have pushed out hundreds of designs over the years. These particular cards actually come in pairs, with a black deck and a white deck. With a simple but elegant design, and a rarity that can not be beaten, the Bicycle Garden deck is one of the most valuable on the market. One of the best aspects of these decks, and one that is far from simplistic, is the joker. There are two custom jokers in each deck and the white joker is a mirror-image of the black joker, and vice versa.