Q & A on Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino and it is also one of the oldest. Online blackjack, however, is not as old. Despite that, this is one of the most popular online card games out there right now, second only to the mighty Texas Hold’em Poker.

It is a simple game, but one that throws up a lot off questions and answers. In this article we will try and answer some of those questions, hopefully helping aspiring and amateur blackjack players by doing so.

Does Card Counting Work in Online Blackjack?

Unfortunately, no it does not. The online casinos have no way of monitoring or stopping their players like offline casinos do, so they want to make sure that they always have the edge, whatever happens. You will still find games of Single Deck and Double Deck Blackjack, but as the cards are automatically shuffled after every hand, the amount of decks used is irrelevant.

Is It Easier to Make Money Online or Offline?

It depends on how you approach the game. If you want to count cards, which is a sure-fire way to beat the casino, then you can only do it offline. However, if you want to find a game with a nice low house edge and then sit down for an extended session using Basic Blackjack Strategy, then you might be better off online. This is because it is quicker, with automatic deals and shuffles, and because there are multi-hand versions that effectively allow you to play 5x quicker by playing 5 hands at once.

Should I Be Worried About Fixed Sites?

Not at all. They do exist, of course, but providing that you use software that is audited and licensed, such as PlayTech or Microgaming, and you play on a site that has all the official licenses, then you will be okay. As we have said many times, it is easy to make money legally in this industry, with online casinos raking it in by operating fairly, so why would they risk everything just for a few extra bucks?

Should I Take Insurance?

Professional blackjack players will always advise against this. Of course, casinos make a big deal of offering this and you will see it written on the middle of the table and you will also be offered it with a pop-up on many blackjack games. This is because it only benefits the casino. Whilst insurance may earn you a profit in the short-term, over time the casino will win.

Are Progressive Jackpot Blackjack Games Worth it?

Simply put, no they are not. You want a blackjack game that returns the best odds and gives you a steady profit over time. The progressive games need to build that jackpot, so that money often comes by increasing the house edge. This means that whilst you do have a very small chance of a life-changing win, you’re probably going to lose out if you don’t hit it.