More Q & As on Online Blackjack

We recently published an article asking some questions about the game of blackjack and then answering them. These questions are common amongst new players and those keen to get involved with the game of blackjack for the first time. The response we received to that article was so great, in fact, that we decided to write another one, covering everything that we missed previously.

What is the Secret to Winning at Online Blackjack?

There is no secret as such, but if you use Basic Blackjack Strategy throughout, then you should be okay. This is a style of playing that ensures the player always takes the option that offers the best chance of winning. Some of the moves may seem counter-intuitive, such as never taking Insurance, which is why it pays to study this strategy in full.

Should I Care About the Dealer’s Cards?

One of the biggest mistakes that many first-time blackjack players make is paying too much attention to their own cards and completely ignoring what the dealer has. Any professional will tell you that what the dealer shows with their single up-turned card, is as important as your own cards. You will learn this for yourself when you study Basic Blackjack Strategy, as many of the moves are based on the card that the dealer is showing.

Can I Get Perks Online?

The best perks are undoubtedly in offline casinos, where you can get everything from free food and drink, to free penthouse suites, cash-back and much more. However, online casinos do have loyalty clubs and these offer great perks if you join the right one. You should always look at the loyalty schemes before you sign-up to a casino, because whilst some of them don’t even offer loyalty point schemes, there are some (like Spin Palace) who give you everything from free gifts to free tickets, VIP access, cash back and more.

Can I play Blackjack on my Mac?

You should be able to play blackjack games on any operating system, as most online casinos focus on being as compatible as they can be. If you have a Mac or Windows machine, then you should be able to download casinos from the biggest casino software developers. If you have Unix or Linux, then you may still be able to play via the Instant Play casinos, which work through your web browser.

Can I Use PayPal on Online Casinos?

It used to be against the terms and conditions of PayPal for it to be used on gambling sites. This changed though and these days PayPal can be used in online casinos, betting exchanges, sports books and more. As with the loyalty club, the way you deposit and withdraw is very important so this is something that you should check in advance, before you join the casino.