Q & A on Offline Blackjack

We recently wrote some articles on online gambling, taking questions that are on the lips and minds of aspiring and amateur blackjack players over the world, and doing our best to answer them. We like to think that we know what we’re talking about and are therefore able to answer any question you can throw at us.

In this article we’ll turn to offline blackjack, helping you play your first game of casino blackjack, or even just getting answers to things that you have always wanted to know.

Which Variant Should I Choose?

We have discussed this extensively elsewhere on this site. To keep it simple, the best games are Classic Blackjack, using 1 or two decks. You should also play games of Blackjack Switch and Double Exposure Blackjack, whilst staying away from games such as Pontoon and Spanish 21.

Should I Tip the Dealer?

Definitely. This applies to all card games. The dealer doesn’t get a huge amount of money and whilst they don’t rely on tips as much as servers do, they do make-up a large part of their salary. In a blackjack game you might not tip as much or as often as a poker game, as the big wins are infrequent and there are no huge pots. However, if you’re on a winning streak and have just landed another big score, then toss the dealer a chip or two. How much you tip is up to you, but we feel that a small tip every hour or so during extended play, or a tip equal to your stake tossed their way as you leave the table, should suffice.

Can I Get Casino Perks?

Everyone is entitled to perks, but you don’t get anything if you don’t ask. Most casinos will offer you free drinks and free food, but if you want a little extra you’ll have to enquire directly. These perks tend to go to the players who bet big and often, as the casino needs to know they can make money from you before they give it away, but you might still be able to get some cash-back or even some free tickets if you ask.

Can I Make a Consistent Profit as a Blackjack Professional?

Of course. There are many players who make blackjack their profession. Don’t quit your day job just yet though. You need to know that you have what it takes to win consistently. You should study Basic Blackjack Strategy and you should also study all the casinos on the Strip, in Reno, AC and anywhere near you. If you know how to play and you know the best casinos, then you’re good to go.

Can I Use a Tip Sheet at a Blackjack Table?

Many first-time blackjack players like to test their skills in home games or online, following guidebooks to ensure they do what they should do. Many of them don’t take these into the actual casinos for fear of being kicked out, but the truth is that there is nothing wrong with this. The only thing we would suggest is that you move quickly and that you don’t slow the game down, because there are other players to consider and it’s not good blackjack etiquette to move slowly.