More Q & As on Offline Blackjack

This is the second article where we take a look at offline blackjack. You should be able to get some answers to many of your questions here. Although these questions are generally asked by aspiring players and those who have only just started playing, some of these can also help players with a little more experience.

Do Electronic Blackjack Games Offer the Same Chances?

No. In the majority, you’ll find that these games have much higher house edges, more in line with slot machines than with actual games of blackjack. Still, if you choose wisely and use Basic Blackjack Strategy, you might be okay.

Do Other Players Affect Your Odds?

Not at all. In fact, whilst you are advised to be respectful of other players at all times, abiding by blackjack etiquette rules (which follow basic principles of politeness and common sense) you should ignore what other players do. Of course, in blackjack tournaments, where you are directly competing against these players and doing your best to have more chips than them, you need to pay attention.

How Many Decks are Used in Casino Blackjack?

The decks used can range from 1 to 8, but you will never find 3 deck, 5 deck or 7 deck games. In AC, 8 deck games are common, in Vegas, 4 decks are standard.

Is Card Counting Illegal?

No. You are breaking the law if you bring in an external device and use it to help you, and this means that a calculator that helps you count cards might be illegal, but you are not breaking the laws by using simple card counting techniques. Many casinos will throw you out and even ban you if they suspect you of card counting. It is their establishment after all, so they are entitled to do that.

Is Card Counting Legal in Atlantic City?

A couple of decades ago a law was passed in AC that basically stopped casinos in the city from banning players who were counting cards. To counteract the rush of card counters that headed for the city after this, AC casinos adopted the use of 8 deck shoes.

What Edge Does Card Counting Provide?

Blackjack is all about the statistics and margins. You can give yourself a chance by finding a game that has a low house edge and you can increase your chances using Basic Blackjack Strategy. If you then throw card counting into the mix then you are typically increasing your chances by between 0.5% and 2%. Whilst this sounds minimal, it actually means that you have the greater chance of winning. This edge that you have over the house is equivalent to the edge that the house has over players in games of Spanish 21. When you consider just how much Spanish 21, and games like it, generate for the casino then you can begin to understand how this edge, although minimal, can net you a big profit over the course of prolonged play.