A Guide to Atlantic City: The Northern Home of Blackjack

If you have ever stepped foot in Atlantic City and have tossed some chips at the many blackjack tables, then you’ll know that they tend to use 8 deck shoes. This shifts the edge firmly in the favor of the house and tends to turn many aspiring professionals away. However, what you may not realize is that the reason they use 8 deck shoes is because they are not allowed to ban you for counting cards. Whilst casinos all over the world can kick you out and give you a lifetime ban if they so much as suspect you of counting cards, there is a law forbidding them from doing so in Atlantic City.

They changed to 8 decks in order to negate this law as best they could, but if you’re an experienced card counter then you can still make a killing in Atlantic City. Before you pack your bags though, you should acquaint yourself with the city. In this article we’ll look at everything that Atlantic City offers, from the grandest casinos and the smallest poker rooms, to the best entertainment venues and much more.


There are many ways you can get into Atlantic City. For those of you who live in nearby states, you can simply hop in your car for a road trip. The Atlantic City Expressway, which is a toll road, connects to Philadelphia and will land you in the heart of Atlantic City, whilst the Garden State Parkway, which is also a toll road, will get you within 10 miles of the city from New York. There are also bus routes from connecting states and if you want to get there in a hurry, simply take the train. You can get to AC and back home again for just $20 if you live in Philadelphia, and there are equally affordable options for other states.

There is an International airport in Atlantic City known as the Atlantic City International Airport and carrying the code ACY. This is about 10 miles away from the city, which means you can simply hop on a taxi to get where you need to go.

As for the city itself, you don’t need to rent a car and you will not need to spend a fortune on taxis either, as Atlantic City is walkable.

Play and Sleep

The Borgata is one of the biggest and most well known casinos in Atlantic City. This is a luxury casino and one that is also home to a vast number of rooms and suites. There is also a spa and several shops onsite, as well as entertainment and places to eat. There is also a Caesars Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, whilst Harrah’s, the Golden Nugget and Bally’s are also present in the city.

Although it seems to be suffering of late, recording big losses, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort is one of the biggest in the city and it is also one of the most impressive. Whether this casino remains standing much longer though is a different matter.

The Clarion In Atlantic City North has everything you need for a relaxing night, and is cheaper than many of the hotels that contain casinos, whilst the Sheraton Atlantic City is also a hotel-only and is a little more upmarket, with prices to match.

What to Do

It’s not all about the casinos in Atlantic City, there is plenty to keep all ages and tastes occupied. The Atlantic City Aquarium is an affordable way to spend an afternoon, with some huge aquariums that display a vast quantity of sea-life. There is also some interactive features and a shipwreck exhibit, making this a must if you have kids with you. The Water Show, is also worth a visit. This is a 10 minute show and you can watch it for free on the hour every hour.

The Atlantic City Historical Museum is ideal if you want to absorb a bit of culture whilst in the area, with some exhibits showcasing local history, and there are also plenty of shows, including music concerts and even some big ticket boxing events.

It’s also very easy to spend the day walking around and enjoy the Boardwalk and the beach, living life the tourist way as you grab an ice cream and soak up some sunshine.

Food and Drink

There is no shortage of the kind of food you would expect from a seaside town. This includes fudge, for which we recommend the family-owned Steel’s Fudge. There are two locations of Steel’s Fudge and as well as some world famous fudge, you can also purchase some salt water taffy, cookies and a host of other candies. If you want something a little more wholesome, there is plenty on offer. If you’re staying in a hotel in the area be sure to browse the Boardwalk every now and then and checkout the local eateries. These include Dock’s Oyster House, which is over 100 years old and has been serving some of the best seafood in the state ever since, and the White House Sub Shop, where you can enjoy an array of sub sandwiches. Other top restaurants in Atlantic City include Tony’s Baltimore Grill and the Atlantic City Bar and Grill, where you can sample an array of meat and seafood dishes.

For a relaxing evening drink, whether you’re looking to chill and enjoy your holiday or drown your sorrows after an afternoon on the casino floor, then head for Ducktown Tavern. This is a sports bar showcasing many live sports, particular NFL and college football, and offering snacks and drinks. To drink late into the night then pay a visit to the upmarket Casbah nightclub. The drinks might be a little more expensive, but this is as good as it gets when it comes to nightclubs in Atlantic City.