Online Blackjack Reviews: Net Entertainment

In this series of articles we aim to expose the best and worst blackjack variants on the biggest and best casino programs around. From Microgaming to Playtech and Net Entertainment, we’ll cover everything from Classic Blackjack and Spanish 21 to the many gimmicky variants, which can be hit and miss.

In this article our focus is on Net Entertainment, one of the most exciting developers in the gambling industry and one that is best known for creating advanced slot machines, such as South Park, Reel Chaos, and many more. Like many other gamblers we enjoy their slots, but we’re here to discuss their blackjack variants, so let’s get to it.

Net Entertainment Blackjack Variants:

Standard Blackjack: Paying 3 to 2 for blackjacks and offering insurance, this is Classic Blackjack at its best, and it looks great on the Net Entertainment software. Games can be played for as little as $0.10, all of the way up to $500 per hand. There are four decks used, and doubles and splits are allowed.

Blackjack Classic Series: This is fast-paced blackjack, using Classic Blackjack rules and allowing you to play as many as three hands at a time.

Double Exposure: This is one of the most popular blackjack variants and is often mentioned in combination with Blackjack Switch, as these are the two most popular blackjack variants and the two that offer the lowest house edges. The Double Exposure on Net Entertainment is the same as the one offered on other software and in offline casinos, with the main difference from Classic Blackjack being that both of the dealer’s cards are turned face-up at all times. This drastically improves your chances of winning and also doesn’t require much of a shift in tactics, unlike Blackjack Switch. There are six decks used here and there are no re-splits.

Pontoon: The rules of Pontoon generally favor the house more than other blackjack variants, and the variation of Pontoon is no different. If you value games that have the lowest house edges, then you should give this one a miss and focus on the other blackjack variants mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that there are three levels on all of these blackjack games, and these levels relate to how much you gamble per hand. The Low level can be played from between $0.10 and $5, the Medium level extends from $1 to $40, and the High level goes from $25 to $500.

The Best Net Entertainment Blackjack Variant

There isn’t a huge range to choose from, but there doesn’t need to be, because Double Exposure

is available and that’s all that we — and many other blackjack players — could ask for. This is easily one of the best blackjack variants out there, which also makes it the best blackjack variants on Net Entertainment, without a doubt.

You will struggle to find a house edge lower than the one offered by Double Exposure, and that applies regardless of the software. In fact, the house edge on this game is also lower than the edges offered in many land-based casinos, except for those offering their own versions of Double Exposure Blackjack.