Offline Blackjack Reviews: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

As one of the biggest and most visited casino resorts in the City of Sin, Caesars Palace is one of the leading destinations when it comes to blackjack. There are actually two large casinos that make up this resort, both of which are connected, offering guests a wealth of gambling activity, from banks and banks of slot machines, to poker, blackjack and a great deal more.

In recent years, blackjack players have reported that the state of the game has been in decline at this world famous venue, and from personal experience, it is certainly not as good as it once was. The main turning point, and one that has occurred fairly recently, is the payout for a blackjack. This used to be 3 to 2, which was the universal payout for blackjack. However, following a change that began at just a couple of casinos and then spread across the entire Vegas strip, the payouts are now just 6 to 5. This might sound like a minor difference and it is, but it can have a major impact on the outcome of a blackjack session and it increases the house edge on all games.

There are standard stakes and high stakes games of blackjack, and this is where another issue presents itself. The lower stake areas seem to be in a constant state of disrepair. They are not like the spotless and grand rooms that they used to be, and when you’re spending so much money you expect attention to detail. It’s the little things that count and it’s the little things that Caesars Palace gets wrong, from dusty tables and scuffed carpets, to wobbly chairs and more. As it happens, there are no such issues in the high stakes area, where it seems they are willing to devote some extra time, care and attention to ensure that high rollers are well looked after.

But what about the games themselves? If you don’t care about the 6 to 5 payout or the decor of the standard stake tables, you’ll be happy to know that Caesars Palace do very well in other areas. They use 6 decks on average, although some games are played with fewer decks (there are also a number of single deck games available). The cards are shuffled between changing of the shoes and the dealers always hit on soft 17. The players are allowed to double any two cards that they want and they can also double after a split, although there are no re-splitting of aces allowed.

Perhaps more importantly, surrender is also available. These rules are pretty much standard across the casino, but our tests were done extensively on the standard stakes/lower stakes tables, and we only tested other tables briefly.

All in all, whilst Caesars Palace is not what it used to be and is somewhat lagging behind many of its competitors, it is still a decent place to play blackjack, with a great deal of variety and with many other games nearby if you get tired of blackjack. The resort itself is also very grand and fairly cheap, which means you’ll have plenty of cash leftover to gamble on the tables.