Online Blackjack Reviews: Realtime Gaming

Once again we turn to an online blackjack provider to give our honest and expert opinion on whether it is worth your time. We have already reviewed a couple of the big casino software providers and in this article we will turn our attention to another of them, with a review of the blackjack games available on Realtime Gaming. Although not as old as Microgaming and not as respected as Playtech. Realtime Gaming has been around for a long time and is definitely one of the biggest names in this industry,

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Variants:

Blackjack: This is Classic Blackjack, with some basic rules and a high payout percentage. You can double, split and double after a split, and some online casinos also offer a late surrender option. This is because the games on Realtime Gaming can be tweaked by the casino that licenses it, including changing the payout percentage (although the casinos are audited, so they can’t hide this) and some other minor changes.

Blackjack with Perfect Pairs: This is a standard variation of blackjack. In fact, it is the same as the game mentioned above, albeit with the addition of the Perfect Pairs bonus game. This is a side bet that you pay a little extra to play if you want. It is not a necessity and won’t impact your game either way. Perfect Pairs is actually one of the most popular blackjack side bets, and pays you if your two cards pair up, with additional payments if you hit a third and a fourth card of the same number.

Pontoon: Whilst we are typically against Pontoon, we quite like this variant. It is well put together and the house edge is also decent, coming in at a fraction under 99%. The blackjacks pay even money, but that is the only real issue that with have with the Pontoon game on the Realtime Gaming software.

Face Up 21: One of our favorite blackjack variants is Double Exposure, which goes by many names. Well, although it is slightly different, Face Up 21 is one of those names. The major difference is that Face Up 21, like the Pontoon game we mentioned above, only pays even money for a blackjack. Still, the payout percentage is 99.25%, which is decent, albeit not fantastic.

Super 21: This is another game that pays even money for a blackjack, and one that also offers some other less than desirable tweaks to the classic rules.

Best Realtime Gaming Blackjack Variant

So, after looking at the biggest variants on this particular casino software, just which do we think is the best? Well, we like Face Up 21, but the even money for a blackjack is a bit of a letdown, which is why our nod goes to Perfect Pairs. This is Classic Blackjack with the addition of a side bet, and whilst that side bet is not recommended (it’s all about luck and takes away from the mathematical edge that you need to gain over the casino in order to win) it does add an extra element of fun. Also, as we mentioned above, it is not mandatory, and we find that after a few big wins and a nice streak, it’s nice to drop a couple of bets into the Perfect Pairs pot. Think of it like a tip for the dealer, only one that could net you a big prize.