New Blackjack Revelotion, social gaming app where Players become Dealers

Since the dawn of the internet, online gaming has constantly evolved. In the last 20 years, we’ve gone from flat, 2D graphics on painfully slow software to lightning fast, HD quality mobile apps. The games themselves have evolved as well. Blackjack now comes in a multitude of variations that offer everything from classic gameplay to intriguing side bets and immense progressive jackpots. The one thing fans of the game thought they’d never see, though, was the ability to switch sides of the table. Enter stage right – Blackjack Revelotion.

Log into any online casino and you’re sure to find an array of blackjack titles on the menu, but they all have one thing in common. You must take on the role of the player, striving to beat the dealer in order to win. Even in a live casino setting, you won’t find an open blackjack table where you are invited to stand on the dealer’s side of the table (unless you happen to be employed by the establishment.)

That could all change very soon with the release of a brand new social gaming app called Blackjack Revelotion (misspelling apparently intentional). In this new rendition of an old gambling classic, users can take any side of the table, competing as the dealer or a player. Live chat, gift giving and friends lists are all available, and players can compete with millions of people around the world directly in the new Blackjack Revelotion app, or via Facebook.

The new blackjack game was developed by HappiPlay and released in the Google Play Store on January 21, 2015. Currently the game is only optimized for Android devices (2.3 and up), and although it’s 100% free to download and play, in-app purchases are available, ranging in price from about $2 to $130.

“Get that real and authentic casino experience with Blackjack Revelotion, the only blackjack game that comes close to the real thing!” reads the new blackjack app’s description on Google Play. “Take on the world’s most elite blackjack players and millions of other eager gamers around the globe, in the most social & community driven blackjack game out there.”

According to the download’s details, the key features of Blackjack Revelotion include:

– Play blackjack against millions of players globally!
– Six fully featured tables with unique [Minimum] Bets!
– Live chat, add friends & send gifts in real time!
– Win prizes and take part in fun Mini Games!
– Get free chips bonus anytime!
– Play together with your Facebook friends!

For the moment, this new blackjack variant is only available in a social atmosphere, meaning you can’t place wagers with real money. But now that the idea of letting players become the dealer has surfaced, it’s almost a certainty that online casinos are going to look for a way to convert Blackjack Revelotion into a real money online gambling opportunity.

If and when that happens, the payouts will surely be restructured in some way to tilt the tides back into the online casino’s favor. The most effective way would be to set up payouts akin to Baccarat. Just like the Banker has a slight advantage over the player in baccarat, the dealer has the same heightened chance of winning in blackjack. Thus it would be feasible to allow players to be the dealer in a real money online casino setting so long as winning bets by the dealer were charged a similar commission rate of 4-5%.